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About this workshop:

Gesture Based Robotics (also known as Accelerometer Controlled Robotics) deals with robots which involve human-machine interaction- where a robot is controlled through hand movements. The robots take inputs from accelerometer sensor and are controlled by programmed microcontrollers.

The workshop helps participants understand the concepts and use of accelerometer sensor, microcontrollers and other electronic components used in Robotics.

Course details:

1.  Introduction to Microcontroller

What is Microcontroller?

Difference between Microcontroller and Microprocessor

Microcontroller Architecture and Interfacing

How can we use Microcontroller in our Own Circuits?

2.  Basics of Robotics

Brief history to Robotics

Fundamentals of Robot Locomotion

Fundamentals of Drive Systems

3.  Getting started

Open-source platform

Open source vs proprietary hardware

Meet the Arduino family

Exploring the Arduino

Arduino IDE

Working with Arduino platform

4.  Circuit Rig-up

Experimenting with sensing and actuation


·         Accelerometer - explanation

·         Types of Accelerometer

·         Interfacing Accelerometer with Arduino

·         Calibrating and testing


·         Gyroscope - explanation

·         Basic principle & operation

·         Interfacing gyroscope with Arduino

·         Difference between accelerometer and gyroscope


·         Controlling the Motor

·         DC motor

·         Transistor as motor driver

·         Fundamentals of H-bridge motor driver

·         Pulse width modulation – PWM

5.  Wrap it up and piling

Let’s make robot – Hands on

·         Fun with accelerometer

·         Self-balancing robot

·         Hand gesture controlled robot

Some applications and much more

Kit content:

·         Arduino microcontroller board + IDE + USB cable

·         Robot building kit

·         Triple axis Accelerometer

·         Two IR proximity sensor

·         Two 9v battery

·         Two geared Dc motor

·         H-bridge motor driver

·         And miscellaneous

Hardware kit will be collected back. Those who prefer to have takeaway learning kit need to register for it.


Considering the interest of students the charges are designed to be more flexible and affordable. Each student will be charged Rs. 1500 as training fee including various reference and guidance.


Student need to carry their own laptops and pen drive.

Certification and Ahead:               

On completion of the course, certificates will be provided to all students with various prizes based on performance during entire period.

We are also willing to tag in promising talents from student community as interns in our forthcoming projects.




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