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Frequently Asked Questions

To teach and give training about  IPv6 - next generation of the internet protocol. This club is a knowledge enhancement center designed for students who are looking for social & work-ready skills who want to earn a job through their skills rather than take up some job that comes along your way.

By joining us you can participate in any activities of your choice to improve your skill set.You will have an assured self-realization of your primary skills and will have ample opportunities to fine tune those skills.

To gain many more knowledge.It is a club you are actually a part of, you can conduct sessions and activities if you have a unique skill and enhance your knowledge.We Provide Certificate too.

Yes , you money is really spent worthy.

Yes,Will come to your college to give seminars.

Register your profile in a2b2.in.

YES. It's free to join with us.

Go to a2b2.in,just login in with your given user name and password.

yes.based on courses and your performance.

It is usually a place where people gather to discuss various topics and subjects. Usually like-minded people can thus gather to discuss a common topic and share information with one another.

Go to courses page.select corresponding course,then take up the course.

Once you book for a course,you cannot cancel it.But you can take up the same course on any other day.

visit a2b2.in website,you can see that in our home page footer.

yes,our app is in final completion stage.


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