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These workshops give students an edge in the job market in terms of networking.You will learn both the practical and conceptual skills that build the foundation for understanding basic networking.Students will learn the differences between different types of networks and how they are usually used.The terminology and techniques used in modern networks will be explained to enable the delegate to understand networks and how they work.





These generic webinars are aimed at developing the skills of a student cum professional and prepare them for the upcoming challenges they will face with regards to their work.
These webinars have a simple ten to fifteen steps that will help you improve for the better.





Internship programs are designed for students to learn about the working methodologies of a company along with hands on knowledge on their domain of work.The same can be expected from the internship program we give during the summer holidays.

We have variety of internships programs:
Web development
Mobile app development




ITRO Programs

ITRO is an event that gives students a bird’s eye view of many different technologies. The working principle and terminologies used with respect to today’s technologies will be explained to enable the student to understand how they work and why they are relevant to the current technical advancement.



Corporate Speakers

Most of us want to become programmers, network engineers, Hackers and so on but how many of us know the reality behind these dreams, do we know what are the skills needed for your dream job and where you lack skill and what is the actual job description???The truth is we do not know much about our dreams. To fill this dream gap, we have working professionals who are specialized in their domain helping us to learn more about our dream jobs and our dream companies through webinars and in person.




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